Road Map


"One small step for blockchain, one giant leap for Africa"

AFRICA TO MARS has a remarkable vision that goes by the saying: to build a sustainable, economical, trusted, and empowered digital future for Africa.

Our journey has just begun...

ATM concept created.

Registration, legal and trademark of AFRICA TO MARS project.

Brand identity and social media established.

Deploy and development of 100 Million ATM ERC20 Tokens.

ATM Tokens listed on Etherscan Blockchain Explorer.


Official ATM ecommerce online store and website goes live on 6th April 2021 in South Africa.

Online ecommerce store adds Bitcoin merchandise to its inventory.

PPS Group and various business partners join with AFRICA TO MARS on  its development.

Smart Audit report successfully completed.

AFRICA TO MARS surpasses 100 token holders.

Official ICO listing of ATM Token on Bitmart Exchange. ATM holds 28.5% of tokens as major stake holder, 71.5% distributed to crypto community.

Phase one of decentralized mobile application development project.

Ecommerce payment gateway system development begins.

Expansion of ecommerce crypto payment system throughout sub-saharan Africa.

Official launch of ATM online educational blockchain academy and space academy under the ATM ecosystem.

Decentralized mobile application and affiliated ecommerce payment gateway development tested and completion.

Official launch of ATM decentralized mobile app in Africa.

Decentralized mobile app creates first peer to peer transactions on the ATM network with third party digital assets on mainnet.

ATM joins partner sponsorship with official SpaceX Mars program to initiate space education and technology in Africa.

Decentralized mobile app enables the support of third party merchants to its ATM network.

Expansion of business partnerships in various sectors integrate ATM to its vendor services using ATM network.