AFRICA TO MARS is a decentralized organization that aims to educate and empower Africa with the use of it's own decentralized crypto currency and mobile app. The Learning Centre has been developed to assist Africa with further education on blockchain and crypto fundamentals. ATM Token is a crypto currency that can be used in a crypto payment gateway without having the use of fiat. ATM Token will be integrated into ecommerce payment systems across Africa.

What is the Future of AFRICA TO MARS?

We aim to build an ATM ecosystem that everyone can participate in and benefit from. Some of the features of AFRICA TO MARS are:
• Fast and efficient business to consumer transactions using ATM Token. • Secure, trustable and cost effective alternative ecommerce payment system.
• Expansion of ATM Token throughout the African continent. • Educating and empowering the crypto community in Africa. • Sponsorships towards Mars and other space programs in Africa. • Social upliftment in disadvantage communities in Africa.

How can buyers / traders benefit from ATM Token

All ATM Token holders can buy ATM Tokens from exchanges or from the Mobile App. Token holders will receive rewards and discounts when purchasing goods or services on the AFRICA TO MARS network. ATM Token will be used as an alternative integrated payment system on ecommerce stores allowing consumers the freedom and flexibility to save and transact with goods and services using.

How many ATM Tokens will be available on ICO offerings?

30% of ATM tokens will be held by AFRICA TO MARS and 70% will be distributed to the crypto community when launching of ICO.

What is the total market cap for ATM Tokens?

100 Million Tokens.

What makes ATM Token different to other tokens?

ATM Token is the only cryptocurrency Token in Africa that allows businesses and consumers to purchase goods and services using ATM Token and integrated payment system. ATM is the only Token that aims to uplift and improve Mars and space education in Africa. The ATM crypto payment facility will be available for affiliated ecommerce stores across Africa.

How do bonus / discount rewards work?

All ATM Token holders get instant access to the ATM network. The ATM Token provides rewards and discounts to consumers when purchasing products through online ecommerce stores. Businesses receive discounts from other businesses when transacting for goods or services with ATM payment crypto gateway.

I'm a newbie to crypto, need help?

AFRICA TO MARS aims to assist communities with educational and informative content through our Learning Centre. Our content is updated on a regular basis.

What can we do with our holding of ATM Token?

• Holders can trade the crypto currency on the listed exchange. • ATM Token can be used as an alternative for the purchasing of goods and services on ATM network and other ecommerce stores throughout Africa without fiat. • ATM Token can be converted from Fiat currency. • Token Holders can use ATM network App as a wallet for savings storage.

How can I buy ATM Token?

ATM Token is available for trade on Bitmart exchange. Visit http://www.bitmart.com.